Premium Limestone CR Materials


What is YAMAMOTO Rubber?

YAMAMOTO Rubber is high-quality, warm, and flexible rubber foam made from Limestone. It has been used as wetsuits material by world’s Triathletes, Swimmers, Freedivers, Surfers, Spearfishers, Divers, and also used as orthopedic supports for human and animals. Try comfortable YAMAMOTO as your second skin.

Why YAMAMOTO Rubber?

Three reasons why YAMAMOTO has been loved worldwide.


Made from Eco-friendly raw materials.


High-quality rubber keeps you warm and comfortable.


Technologies enhance your performance.

Material structure

YAMAMOTO offers a variety of materials according to your requests. countless combinations of rubber type, thickness, surface finishing, and other processing.

Tradition meets the future

Yamamoto has been manufacturing rubber domestically in Japan since its founding in 1964.
It enables us to speed up developments, ensure quality, and pass on a legacy.