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Renewable Energy 100%

March 2023, the first in the industry, YAMAMOTO has shifted 100% of the electricity used in its factory and office to Renewable Energy.

Warmth for safety
Flexibility for comfort
Durability for longevity

Since 1961, we have been making wetsuit material to protect divers’ lives from the cold water and to let them enjoy the beauty of the ocean.

In recent years, sustainability has become increasingly important, and many ways have been proposed. However, some of the ways may not be essential or may sacrifice other important factors. At times, we always return to the origin.

Using 100% renewable electricity is a way to reduce environmental impact without compromising on quality, performance, and safety.

There is nothing perfect. Therefore, we always pursue the Best so that people enjoy their own “Blue,” safely and sustainably.

Since we are not a giant company, the initiative itself may have a limited positive impact on the environment. However, from upstream of the supply chain, we are hoping such movements will spread throughout the industry, and one day become a big wave.

A certificate that proves YAMAMOTO uses 100% renewable energy.