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Pandemic, war, Depression,…
AURORA was born out of a wish to illuminate the world full of dark news.
Dive in with AURORA. Born to reveal its true colors beneath the surface.
Experience freedom with flexible and hydrophilic SCS.
Become a part of the beautiful underwater world.

Voice from a Freediver,

Tomoka Fukuda

A member of the Japanese national freediving team known as 'Mermaid Japan,' she has achieved remarkable success in the AIDA Team World Championships. She secured victory in 2012, finished in second place in 2014, and once again claimed the championship title in 2016, earning medals in three consecutive competitions. In 2018, she made history by becoming only the fifth woman in the world to reach a depth of 100 meters.

AURORA was awarded the “Overall Best Product,” the top spot among 400+ entries, at ISPO Munich 2023, the world's largest sports exhibition.

Line up

The colors change beneath and above water.

We've curated a dazzling array of colors that harness the beauty found in the natural world, capturing the way they shine when bathed in light and how they seamlessly transition over time, creating a collection of exquisite color variations.

Coral Reef

Code : A05
Image : Pink-Green

A joyful color inspired by the swaying movement of the colorful corals that can be found in the ocean


Code : A11
Image : Yellow-Green

This color gives off an atmospheric feeling, like when the sun rises in silence, and the yellow light from the sun shines through the clouds into the sea, changing its color to green.


Code : A12
Image : Blue-Purple

It is a color that fascinates many people, reminding them of the scenery where the various blues and purples of the sea and sky come together and make them feel a sense of unity with the earth.