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Rubber Type

Yamamoto's rubber material, which has a completely closed cell structure (honeycomb structure), has extremely low density (lightweight), high flexibility, and excellent heat insulation. We can provide high-level, high-quality materials according to the intended use and environment.

Basic Skin


YAMAMOTO Rubber is supplied in sheet shape. There are main 4 sheet sizes depending on the mold size.

This is the smallest size sheets, often used in Japan and only supports # 45 and # 50.

This is the standard size and it is easy to handle. This size is being used in Japan and oversea.

The size is slightly larger than LL, and when shipping as an original sheet, it can be shipped with a maximum thickness of about 33 mm.

This is the longest sheet we can produce (3 times of L size)
In the case of # 88, it will be one size smaller.


Image below is for reference usage only. Final product will deform according to environmental changes during transportation but within our standard specs.