Born from the Zero Position concept!

Zero Position makes the distance between the center of buoyancy and center of gravity almost Zero and creates a body Position that minimizes drag. By wearing Zero Position Swimwear, you can naturally learn how to swim with a low pressure posture.

Swimming is a fight against resistance!

Promotion video introducing the training swimwear Zero Position Swimwear for form improvement

Yamamoto Corporation, manufacturer of wetsuit materials and high-speed swimwear materials used by top athletes in the world, has realized its concepts in products. As such, the Zero Position Swimwear product was developed.

Choose from Four Zero Positions!

In the Zero Position Series, there are the Masters 5mm Type for beginners, Masters 3mm Type for intermediate swimmers and Professional for advanced swimmers! Please choose the one that matches your swimming ability! There are also the Junior 3mm Type and Junior 1mm Type for children.

Choose your favorite color!

You can choose from five stitch colors (black, royal blue, turquoise blue, pink and red) when ordering. For Professional, you can also choose either metal or black as the surface color!

Choose one that fits your body!

Zero Position Swimwear is a training swimwear designed to be worn over normal swimwear. Please choose one that matches your size.

To attain your real form!

Perspectives on and how to use Zero Position from managers and coaches that introduced Zero Position in training are introduced here.

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