Swimsuit (MatuseTM-TX)
Yamamoto’s swimsuit materials continuously raise the bar

Yamamoto developed its Bio Rubber Swim material, utilizing the heat retention and far-infrared-emitting properties of Bio Rubber. This material was rapidly accepted in the world of elite competitive swimming, and swimmers wearing swimsuits made of Bio Rubber Swim that competed at the 2009 World Swimming Championships won more than 50 individual medals.

Always pressing for further advances in product performance, Yamamoto is now being recognized for our BRS-TX textile material, which is used in the Matuse-TX high-speed swimsuit and is taking the world of competitive swimming by storm.

FINA (International Swimming Federation) newly instituted a rule that swimsuits must be made of “textile”. Matuse, the manufacturer of the all-textile Matuse-TX swimsuit made entirely with BRS-TX, obtained FINA approval for the swimsuit in January 2010. Since then, the unique properties of BRS-TX have been praised by professional swimmers as a material that maximizes their athletic potential. The Matuse-TX is now the swimsuit of choice for Japan’s national swimming team, and Yamamoto is the official materials supplier for all swimsuit and cap manufacturers sanctioned by the Japan Swimming Federation.

The Matuse-TX – Delivering unprecedented advances in swimsuit materials
  Dual hydrophilic and water-repellent properties
With an outer surface that mimics the hydrophilic skin of marine animals and plants and an inner lining that repels water, Yamamoto has developed a truly unique and groundbreaking advancement in swimsuit material technology that is FINA compliant.
Yamamoto’s expertise in the development of high-performance, rubber-based materials for sports has been fully harnessed in the development of BRS-TX. The material boasts an ultra-thin width of between 0.3 and 0.5 mm, further reducing the weight of the swimsuit while maintaining the superior heat retention and elasticity that are the hallmarks of our rubber materials for athletic endeavors, such as our market-leading and highly regarded wetsuits .
  Unique TX pattern maximizes fit and further reduces drag
The TX pattern employed in Matuse-TX maximizes fit to the swimmer’s body and in turn minimizes the body’s water resistance by reducing space between the suit and body.
  Superior elasticity
The superior elasticity of BRS-TX makes a world of difference for swimmers by minimizing the changing and adjusting time of the suit, while also enabling a snugger fit to their unique body contours to further reduce water resistance.

Yamamoto remains committed to the continuous advancement of high-speed swimsuits that draw out the maximum potential of each swimmer.

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