BIORUBBER RSM  Radiation Shield Material “Biorubber RSM”
Yamamoto was manufacturing x-ray protection suits (shield wear) until ten some years ago. By applying those technologies, we worked with great urgency to develop the radiation shielding material Biorubber RSM to lessen the radiation exposure of the workers in the wake of the nuclear power plant accident that occurred due to the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011. In only two and a half months, Yamamoto succeeded in going to production on the world's top level products that can shield against gamma rays, and continues to develop more products adapted to the various activities conducted inside and outside of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.

Yamamoto has also been conducting research on shielding beta rays. Products providing protection from either gamma rays or beta rays are now both widely used in Fukushima.

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Radiation Shielding Car Seat Covers

[About marks]
The marks placed next to each product in the following product lineup indicate the shielding material used in the product. The shielding effects measured at the testing facility are as indicated below:

*Radioactive rays with various energy levels exist in the area of radioactive contamination. Therefore, on-site measurement could differ and there was an actual case of a product with a 4.4% gamma ray shielding ratio that was confirmed to be performing at a maximum of 50% shielding ratio.

Radiation Shield Wear “E-400 Wear”

Based on E-400 Wear Type VII, this is the latest type of radiation shield suit consisting of a jacket to protect the “chest and upper arms” and shorts to protect the “abdominal parts and femurs.” By protecting the “chest,” “upper arms,” “abdominal parts” and “femurs” the shield contributes to both protecting workers from exposure to radiation at sites with unequal radiation exposure and measurement of the effective dose.

RSM (Radiation Shield Material) is used as the material. The surface is treated with a special surface treatment technology called "TX.” Our radiation shield wears made with this material have proven records in being used by companies for dealing with nuclear power plant accidents and have an established reputation from customers.

The shorts are easier to put on compared to conventional wear and the jacket has a pocket in which a dosimeter can fit.

Based on E-400 Wear Type VII, with an extensive track-record of being used in radioactively contaminated areas, changes were made for improving mobility for work and less weight (approximately 1kg lighter). The most notable feature of this product is that rinsing became possible unlike conventional products due to application of a special surface treatment which is also used for Yamamoto's high-speed swimwear materials. In addition, since the under protector can be directly attached to the vest, it is recommended for workers who want easy movement of legs.

This is the latest version of a radiation shield wear, the 2013 model of the E-400 wear type XI which has the largest demand from companies dealing with nuclear power plant accidents. This wear has evolved into a form that balances mobility and shielding capability. For work that requires larger motion of the lower body, an under protector can be worn with the wear. By extending the length of the front side of the vest, reproductive organs that are vulnerable to radiation are covered with two layers of material. Parts along the backbone also have double-layered material to improve radiation shielding of bone marrow.

Radiation Shield Wear “Core Wear”

This is a simplified version of the radiation shielding wear E-400 that places shielding material on areas covering the trunk of the body that is vulnerable to radiation. The shielded area is increased in the chest and abdominal parts compared to the conventional product. Water repellent treatment is also applied on the surface of the shielding material. This wear is suitable for work such as decontamination work in low-level radiation contaminated areas.

Radiation Shielding Insole

This is the most effective insole for shielding radiation from the ground. It is a new product using E-400 material with water repellent treatment. It can be worn after changing the form by cutting with a cutter knife or scissors to fit the shapes of shoes.

Radiation Shielding Car Seat Covers

Car seat covers to reduce radiation exposure of the body as much as possible when living in radioactively contaminated areas or transporting radioactively contaminated materials. The headrest part is designed like a bag, so it can be attached by just covering the headrest.

Radiation Shielding Car Seat Covers

The objective of this product is to shield the wearer from beta rays, a form of ionizing radiation emitted by radioactive substances. The use of heavy metal-free closed-cell synthetic rubber reduces the likelihood of x-rays from Bremsstrahlung ("braking radiation") from occuring, and protects most parts of the body. "β88 Wear" consists of two pieces (overalls and a jacket) and because it is fastened at the front, is easy to put on and take off. It can be rinsed easily due to the application of a special water-repellent surface treatment called "TX." Flexible material has been used for the wrist and leg cuffs and around the face to enable easy adjustment so that it can be used without needing other people's assistance.

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