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Hybrid Active Suit developed by Yamamoto, F-ONE and Goodhill Raincoat + Warm overcoat + Business suit = The Hybrid Active Suit

July 10, 2010 – After a development period of two years, F-ONE, the authority on tailored suits; Goodhill, Japan’s preeminent maker of order-made suits; and Yamamoto, manufacturer of special composite materials; are pleased to announce the development of an industry-first business suit made from synthetic rubber.

The appearance and functionality of business suits have undergone little change for more than 100 years. The release of the new, high-function Hybrid Active Suit will forever change people’s conceptions of the business suit.

The Hybrid Active Suit is water-resistant (raincoat), heat-retentive (warm overcoat) and highly flexible (active business suit). Moreover, the Hybrid Active Suit’s high-quality feel makes it appropriate for both business and casual occasions. The Hybrid Active Suit is a totally unprecedented suit that combines both high functionality and style.

The suit will be offered at all F-One stores nationwide from this September for 79,000 yen each.

Free diver Jana Strain shines as 2010 world champion
Congratulations to Free Diving 2010 World Champion and Yamamoto wetsuit user Jana Strain!

July 8, 2010 – At the Mediterranean Free Diving World Cup in Kalamata, Greece, Jana Strain became the individual world champion and helped her Canadian team win the team competition as well. The final day of the World Cup was tense as the women’s final dive would determine who would take home the gold medal. Jana Strain finished the competition with a strong dive to 64 meters (210 feet) with a fin. Her other winning dives included 49 meters (161 feet) with no fins and a 60 meter (197 feet) free immersion dive. After her final dive, Strain was elated: “This was a perfect competition. The diving conditions were lovely and the organization was flawless. I would not have been able to do this without all of the wonderful support I received from my team and the other athletes. My final and winning dive was the best of the competition. I was completely relaxed and went into the deep blue with grace and comfort.”

Synthetic Ti-II W Tatami developed by TTN and Yamamoto June 25, 2010 – Special composite rubber material manufacturer Yamamoto and tatami maker TTN Corporation are set to completely redefine tatami with the July launch of full-fledged sales of their high-function Ti-II W Tatami and another tatami type, both featuring entirely new, springy yet stable textures.

The joint development project was launched in response to the recent trend of using wooden floors and placing tatami directly on top of concrete at residences, as well as the growing opinion among Japanese that traditional construction methods are inferior to modern ones. The project also sought to resolve the issue of an increasing number of seniors breaking bones due to falling on wooden floors and weak tatami.

The result is the release of the new, high-function Bio-II Tatami made from Bio Rubber, a patented composite rubber material manufactured by Yamamoto consisting of special closed cells and using limestone as a primary raw material, as well as the Ti-II-W Tatami, which features middle layers of Yamamoto’s patented Titanium Alpha material (treated titanium alloy) to provide superior flexibility and heat retention.

Through use of Titanium Alpha and other materials, cold emanating from the floor beneath is blocked and heat radiation emanating within the room is greatly reduced, warming the room in the winter and cooling it in the summer. A 2 to 4mm layer of special composite rubber on top of the high-quality tatami realizes a soft yet firm surface texture. Moreover, the material’s micron-sized cells serve as an air cushion, softening falls on the tatami when making sudden turns, thus helping to prevent injuries.

The standard size for both tatami types is 88cm X 88cm and order-made tatami are also available, greatly enhancing their adaptability in designing room layouts and interiors. The resin coating on the tatami allows for a palette of colors to choose from.

Yamamoto develops new smoke-prevention, fire-fighting, heat-activated rubber tape for use in homes April 26, 2010 – Firecut 150, a new product developed by the materials innovator Yamamoto Corporation, provides an ingenuous new way to support fire safety in everyday life by preventing the spread of household fires.

When fire in a room elevates the temperature of that room to 150 degrees Celsius, the foam of Firecut 150 installed on doors and windows expands into the gap to effectively seal the space off from the fire. The expansion assumes a marshmallow-like consistency, thus allowing the opening and closing of doors and windows. When expanded, Firecut 150 prevents the flow of smoke from the source of the fire to adjoining rooms, allowing inhabitants extra time to escape. It also blocks the flow of new oxygen to the source of fire, thus inhibiting the fire’s ability to intensify and spread. The product is being marketed to not only home and apartment building owners but also to managers of senior homes, hotels, Japanese inns, hospitals and other facilities. On application, Firecut 150 is a double-sided rubber tape from 1 to 2 mm thick and 1 cm wide that is simply taped on.

 200th world record set in Bio Rubber swimsuit October 7, 2009 – At the Women’s Swim Festival held at the International Pool in Yokohama on October 3 and 4, swimmer Yoshiko Ozaki of ST Kansai, wearing a Bio Rubber swimsuit, set a new world record in the 100-meter freestyle for the 70-year-old age group while wearing a swimsuit made of Yamamoto’s groundbreaking material Bio Rubber Swim. This represents the 200th world record set by a swimmer wearing a swimsuit made of Bio Rubber. Bio Rubber first made waves at the FINA World Championships in Rome in late 2008, where more than half of the 43 world records broken there were achieved by swimmers wearing swimsuits made of Bio Rubber.

Going forward, Yamamoto intends to continue supporting top athletes like Yoshiko Osaki through the development of useful products.

Home developer Eyeful Home uses Bio Rubber at its ZUTTO residences September 30, 2009 – An article was run on the ZUTTO residences of home developers TOSTEM Ju-ken and Eyeful Home on September 29, 2009 under the theme of sustainability. Within the article, results of research was presented on the health prevention effects of the residences’ Bio Rooms, which use Yamamoto’s Bio Rubber placed under the floor.

Bio Rubber Swim to be used in FINA approved swimsuits June 23, 2009 – High-function composite material manufacturer Yamamoto confirmed the use of its high-speed swimsuit material Bio Rubber Swim – which was newly approved by FINA – by several swimsuit manufacturers worldwide. All of the swimsuits provided by swimsuit manufacturers worldwide that use Yamamoto’s materials have received approval from FINA for use in competitions.

The swimsuit manufacturers that were approved by FINA include Arena (Italy), TYR (U.S.), blueseventy (New Zealand), Orca (New Zealand), and major swimsuit manufacturers in Japan such as KOZ, Yamaho and RECOBEAM.

As a result of the abovementioned approvals of global swimsuit manufacturers, a rush of orders for materials has flooded in from the second half of 2009. On June 22 alone, Yamamoto received roughly 300 million yen in material orders. The company is planning to ramp up production again in early July to handle the sudden increase in orders.

There have also been many cases in Japan and throughout the world of companies selling rubber materials that mimic Yamamoto's Bio Rubber Swim, and many claims have arisen concerning mistaken purchases of these imitation products. The significant differences between such products and Bio Rubber Swim are summarized in the table below.

  Bio Rubber Swim Imitations
Thickness 0.44 – 0.45 mm 0.7 – 0.9 mm
Buoyancy 0.25 newtons Unknown
Surface property Hydrophilic (water amenable) Hydrophobic (water repellent)
Friction resistance 0.021 cdf 1.6 – 2.1 cdf

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