F-ONE Suit
The Hybrid Active Suit – Announcing a stylish, comfortable, all-weather alternative to the ubiquitous business suit!
The stylish, made-to-order Hybrid Active Suit for men and women designed by renowned national tailor chain F-ONE provides superior heat insulation and elasticity, and both water-resistance and wrinkle-free properties.

The problem with traditional business suits…
  • They wrinkle easily.
  • They stain easily, and must be dry-cleaned frequently.
  • They’re not water-resistant, requiring a heavy raincoat on rainy days.
  • They’re not warm enough, requiring a heavy overcoat on cold days.
  • They do not stretch well, constricting your movements and increasing stress.
  • They don’t dry easily after getting wet in the rain, leaving you uncomfortable all day.
Low-priced business suits look cheap, while high-quality business suits can quickly break your bank.
The next-generation Hybrid Active Suit resolves all of these problems…

Stow away that iron! The Hybrid Active Suit features both a specially processed rubber material and elastic textile layer that significantly reduces the propensity for wrinkles seen in conventional suits.
  Washable in water
No more time and money spent at the dry cleaners! The Hybrid Active Suit is easily washed in a normal washing machine and can be quickly spot-cleaned by simply wiping with a damp cloth.
Leave that unattractive raincoat at home! The Hybrid Active Suit uses Bio Rubber Swim, the same material used in Yamamoto’s highly regarded high-speed swimsuits and wetsuit, so it’s in its natural element on rainy days.
  Protection from cold
Stow away that heavy overcoat! The Hybrid Active Suit’s honeycomb-structure - rubber material developed through Yamamoto’s proprietary technology - and its specially processed titanium alloy shut out the cold outside air, while its interior layer boasts superior heat-retention properties.
  Superior elasticity
Enjoy unprecedented freedom of movement in a business suit realized by the Hybrid Active Suit’s textile material, which features unmatched elasticity.
  Dries easily
The Hybrid Active Suit’s rubber base allows you to quickly dry off and go about your day, not distracted by the uncomfortable feeling of a water-logged suit.
Unlike traditional rubber, the Hybrid Active Suit “breathes” through hundreds of miniscule holes.
Above all, the Hybrid Active Suit has a stylish appearance uncommon in most rubber-made apparel, yet is appropriate for even the most traditional office settings. Order-made designs for both men and women are offered by the national tailor chain F-One, which handles everything from design to stitching, using technological know-how that is tops in the industry.

Elevate your business lifestyle with a unique, distinguished Hybrid Active Suit
– the business suit that offers unprecedented comfort and versatility!

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