News:Clarification Regarding Media Reports on Yamamoto Kagaku Kogyo
June 22, 2017

A report on Yamamoto Kagaku Kogyo was made in the morning edition of Asahi Shimbun dated June 22, 2017 but the company mentioned in the article titled “Yamamoto Stretches Cold Medicine Ingredients Using Cheap Acetaminophen Made in China” is a manufacturer of drug substances based in Wakayama Prefecture with the same Japanese company name (Yamamoto Kagaku Kogyo) as our company. Please note that we have no relationship with this company and want to clarify this fact so that there is no misunderstanding.

Furthermore, please be careful in judging the source and content so that you are not misled by SNS and blog posts on the internet that are using or linking to our pictures and videos on the internet without official permission.

Yamamoto Corporation (Osaka City)

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