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New “Bioesperanza®” Material and its First Product “Bioesperanza® Vannor Band”

June 16, 2017

On June 16, 2017, Yamamoto Corporation held a press conference on its new material and product at MyDome Osaka (Chuo-ku, Osaka City). Yamamoto Corporation newly planned a new genre “QOL improvement device” to “respond to the needs associated with the rapid increase in the number of people who feel that they have pre-symptomatic diseases in this aging society.”

As the first of its kind, we developed “Bioesperanza®,” a new material integrating Yamamoto Corporation’s unique technologies, and made the commercial product “Bioesperanza® Vannor Band” that uses the new material.

Overview of New Material “Bioesperanza®
1. Completely independent closed cell structure
By applying technology for survival suit materials that have completely independent closed cell structures and are capable to protect lives for more than 12 hours in 0 degree Celsius sea water, it has “the world’s highest level heat-retention function (UL certification No. MQ604).” It is the first time for this technology to be utilized outside sea rescue-related wear!

2. Insulating heat with nitrogen gas
Nitrogen gas is enclosed in the micro-level sized completely independent closed cell structure and enables “maintaining the world’s highest level of heat-retention effects for a long time and over a long period.” It is the first time to enclose nitrogen gas in an independent closed cell structure at a level as high as this!

3. Heat-reflecting alloy
Having a thermos bottle effect by using mirrors, the “alloy processed five-layer structure with stretching capability maintains the body temperature by completely reflecting the warmth of the body.” It is the first material in the world that stretches while having a thermos bottle effect!

4. Emit infrared rays with high efficiency
The completely independent closed cell structure acts as an ultra-high efficiency-rate infrared ray absorber, creating a new technology beyond the common practice of infrared ray emittance at normal temperatures, making it “the new material in which the spectral emittance rate of infrared rays at normal temperatures is raised closer to the sun as much as possible.” It is the first ultra-high efficiency-rate infrared ray absorber in the world!

5. Baby skin
The material is created to have “low tension stress equal to the stretching capability of human skin” by fully utilizing Yamamoto Corporation’s technology for “the best comfortability in wearing.” Free divers and professional divers praise Yamamoto Corporation’s materials saying that “they provide the highest sense of security as well as safety when moving underwater.” Users will have the same sense as a baby feeling secure by the embrace of their mother. Bioesperanza® is the first material in the world providing baby skin for use other than marine sports!

Overview of New Product “Bioesperanza® Vannor Band”

It can respond flexibly to various uses including the following:
  1. Preventing a sense of cold around the stomach by wrapping it around the body like a belt and constantly wearing it.
  2. Warming and making muscles flexible and improving the efficiency of training by wrapping it around the part of body that is going to be exercised.
  3. Warming the head and neck at a normal temperature by wrapping it around those parts, and also relaxing the head and eyes.
  4. Easing tension by rubbing it onto the part of body of concern.
  5. Warming the part of body of concern by wrapping it or rubbing in onto those parts.
  6. Doing mild muscle training and stretching efficiently and easily at anytime and anywhere.
  7. Stabilizing and warming the wrists, elbows and knees appropriately by wrapping it.
  8. Preventing bad posture by wrapping it lightly around the thighs when using a PC or sitting on a chair for a long time.

Product name: Bioesperanza® Vannor Band
Price: 70,000 yen + tax
Retailers: Famous department stores, major mass merchandising stores, clinics, organic shops, etc.

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