News:Yamamoto Corporation’s Competitive Swimwear Introduced in "Miracle Einstein" on Nippon TV
March 1, 2017

"Miracle Einstein - a final match to decide the most outstanding scientist in Japan!," a TV program showing challenges using scientific capacity was broadcast on Nippon TV network from 9:00pm on February 28 and our competitive swimwear "Merlin Mach" was introduced in the experiment titled "be the fastest swimmer in a 50m pool."

The experiment was conducted with Kasuga of the comedian duo "Audrey," who won a silver medal in a world cup fin swimming competition last year, as an assistant and by using the theory of Kogakuin University’s Professor Shinichiro Ito dubbed "Einstein of water" who is the leading person in fluid dynamics research.

The theory that focused on aquatic life challenged the experiment with "Merlin Mach" that has eel-like slimy hydrophilic functions, "wrapping the body and arm with cling wrap" to reduce resistance from water like dolphins, and "special fins shaped like the tail of a tuna" to gain the speed of tuna.

Official website of the program (in Japanese)

The experiment conducted this time is an experiment to see how fast one can swim regardless of sport rules. Please also have a look at "Zero Position," a magic swimwear for training with which swimmers can learn a posture that scientifically reduces resistance from water to improve times.

What is Zero Position?

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