News:Japanese National Women's Freediving Team Wins Gold at World Championships!
September 26, 2016

At the freediving AIDA Team World Championships held in Kalamata, Greece from September 17 to 25, the Japanese women's team (also known as “Mermaid Japan”) won the overall gold medal in the combination discipline team competition.

This was their fifth consecutive podium finish in the freediving AIDA Team World Championships held biyearly, winning their third gold medal since the world championships before the last.

Team members were Misuzu Okamoto, Hanako Hirose and Tomoka Fukuda, the same as in the previous event, showing overwhelming strength by keeping the lead from the beginning to the end of the competition over three disciplines that were held.

In particular, Hanako Hirose set a new Japanese record of 197m in the Dynamic With Fins (DYN) pool discipline competition.

The Mermaid Japan athletes wore wetsuits made using our materials and special swimwear for the competitions in the pool disciplines.

Moreover, the Japanese men’s team finished in 6th place overall.

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