News:New product: “Aero-Dome Shape-Up Belt”
July 25, 2016

On July 25, 2016, Yamamoto Corporation held a press conference for its new product “Bio Rubber Aero-Dome Shape-Up Belt” at MyDome Osaka (Chuo-ku, Osaka City).

The content of the press conference was as follows.

Yamamoto Corporation, recognized for composite special rubber materials and medical equipment, further developed the “Zero Position Method” (a way of thinking that the best method is to let the body remember a normal posture) adopted also by many athletes participating in the Rio Olympic Games.

This new product succeeded in taking body balance to an ideal condition by eliminating the chills of muscles by using bio rubber materials that have up to 86% infrared ray emittance (standard infrared ray emittance of medical devices is 60%) at normal temperatures from the whole part of the three-dimensionally cut belt as well as by placing loads on different directions using three Two-Way Zero Position Bands of different length.

As a result, “Bio Rubber Aero-Dome Shape-Up Belt” for body trunks, a completely new type of belt that extremely improves the body’s stability functions by concentrating the force of the body trunk on the median line (center line), was developed.

It will be sold at department stores all over Japan as well as at pharmacies, drug stores, organic shops, etc. from the beginning of August.

  • It can help athletes of any sport achieve their best performance by stabilizing the median line (center line) of the body trunk.
  • Most working people tend to use computers more frequently at work. They tend to have bad posture with bent backs and rounded shoulders. However, by wearing the belt their backs will be straightened unconsciously and the reduction of fatigue can be expected.
  • This is a must-try product for those considering getting in shape. By simply wearing it, the back will be straightened and the waist will be emphasized creating a well-balanced body shape. An increase in basal metabolism rate can be also expected by warming the body from the core with infrared rays.
  • For elderly people, falling during walking is the most common cause of bone fractures. Problems such as “being less stable when walking compared to when young,” “being unable to stand up from chairs without leaning forward” or “stooping down with a bent back” can be solved.

Product Details
  • Sizes: 5 sizes of S-M-L-XL-XXL
  • Price: 140,000 yen (tax excluded)
    *Is quite reasonable compared to the existing Bio Rubber Belt
  • Stock: Limited production of 1,000 belts per month

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