News:Freediving Athletes in S.C.S. Material Wetsuits Set Outstanding Records at International Freediving Competition in Bahamas!
May 9, 2016

Athletes wearing wetsuits made using our “S.C.S.” materials set new records one after another in the freediving marine championships (Vertical Blue 2016) held at the Blue Hole of Bahamas in the Caribbean Sea from April 22 to May 2.

William Trubridge, an athlete from New Zealand, broke his world record of -121m achieving -122m in FIM*. He later improved his record to -124m on a different day and won the FIM and overall.

In addition, many Japanese female athletes performed well in the competition. Sayuri Kinoshita (wearing S.C.S. Black) and Tomoka Fukuda (wearing S.C.S. Metal) set the world female record of -72m in CNF* and the Asian female record of -94m in CWT* respectively. In addition, Hanako Hirose (wearing S.C.S. Black) tied the new record with -94m in CWT the next day, and further improved her own record twice after that, setting the Asian female record of -99m.

As for Japanese male athletes, Ryuzo Shinomiya (wearing S.C.S. Black) came third in FIM, diving -98m.

Many other athletes also achieved good results. Congratulations.

  • CWT (Constant weight: competition to dive vertically wearing fins)
  • FIM (Free immersion: competition to pull on a rope without wearing fins)
  • CNF (Constant weight without fins: competition to dive without wearing fins)

  • Vertical Blue 2016 competition website

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