News:New Product: Dog Health Support Wear “Highly-Functional Wear for Pet Dogs: BIO ONE”
June 19, 2015

The longevity of the life of pets is getting longer. Along with this aging, pets increasingly suffer from diseases related to hypothermia due to a decrease in the amount of muscles just like humans. Yamamoto Corporation has focused on this point and developed the “Highly-Functional Wear for Pet Dogs: BIO ONE” in an aim to prevent such from happening. The wear will be launched on July 1, 2015.

Your precious indoor pets live nearer to the floor than humans do. Because of this, the room temperature around pets is lower, which leads to pets being more susceptible to hypothermia.

To ensure comfort in wearing for pet dogs whose body temperatures are higher than humans, dome-shaped venting holes with a diameter of 4mm have been applied to the entire surface of the material.

In addition, the material has 200% or more elasticity in all directions so that it won’t feel constricting for the pet dogs.

Materials used
“Highly-Functional Wear for Pet Dogs: BIO ONE” can warm cold bodies. No worry of bacterial growth or such as the rubber material in the middle layer has a completely independent closed cell structure that does not absorb sweat or moisture. Thus there is no generation of bacteria.

This marks the birth of highly-functional wear for pets.

Product name: BIO ONE Release date: July 1, 2015 Size: S~L (larger than L size products can be tailor-made)

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