News:Press Conference: New Material Development for Fiscal 2015-2016!
March 9, 2015

On March 9, 2015, Yamamoto Corporation held a press conference at the Osaka Sangyo Sozokan (Osaka City) regarding various new materials for fiscal 2015 and 2016. Under the concept of "Exploring Infinite Potential," Yamamoto Corporation has developed new materials useful for society, people and the earth.

An overview of the new materials is as follows.

Competition swimsuit [BRS-4TP]
The "BRS-4TP" we developed has become the "material of the world’s fastest swimsuits" since rules for materials for competition swimsuits were limited to textiles following the 2009 World Swimming Championships in Rome.

The main feature is "Triple Premium (TP)"
• Surface of the swimsuit; Ultra hydrophilic // The hydrophilic property creates water molecules that coat the surface of the swimsuit in water, realizing a decrease in the skin friction resistance coefficient to as low as 0.021 cdf.

• Swimsuit material; No water-absorbency // Special polyester fiber with low water absorbency properties, realizing a water absorbency rate of "zero percent."

• Swimsuit inside; Hydrophilic // The friction resistance between the swimmer’s skin and swimsuit while swimming has been reduced to "as close to zero as possible" to alleviate the burden on the swimmer’s muscles while swimming.

Yamamoto Corporation will continue development of the swimsuit to help athletes improve their performance toward the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, both in swimsuits for practice and for actual competition.

Wetsuits with "Anti-Shark" Material
The anti-shark material was test-marketed from September 2013 to December 2014 in Australia, and a total of 10,000 wetsuits were sold. Yamamoto Corporation will start selling the product worldwide this fiscal year.

There are two types of wetsuits; one for surfing and another for diving.

For surfing - The black-white striped design is modeled after the sea snake which is said to be the shark’s natural enemy.

For diving – Special pattern in dark, medium and light blue.

The elastic property has been improved from the test-marketed product.

*The price will be about 30% to 40% more expensive than conventional wetsuits.
*Shark-repellent effect is not 100%.

Wetsuits with Air Face Skin (AFS) Material
This new era of futuristic-type wetsuits defies conventional wisdom by reducing the sense of wearing a wetsuit to the utmost limit of nearly "zero."

General wetsuits for surfing and diving have elastic knitted fabric inners to make them easier to put on and take off. (The downside of the knitted fabric is that it becomes cold once wet.)

No knitted fabric is used with wetsuits using the new Air Face Skin (AFS) material. The newly developed rubber material has a new surface treatment applied that realizes "zero percent" water absorption to keep the inside of the wetsuit dry. This technology "totally" eliminates the discomfort from getting wet from the water and meets the strong demand, especially from women.

The one-of-a-kind Metallic Red color distinguishes the material from other wetsuits at a glance. In addition, it is now possible to apply special print patterns on the material. The "red jaguar (red leopard)" print material will be released at the same time.

This new material will change wetsuits around the world.

Healthcare Biorubber Premium
In an aging society, a drop in normal body temperature due to a decrease in muscle mass is a serious issue. Maintaining normal body temperature is a must for elderly to lead a healthy life. Natural plant fiber "hemp linen" is said to be the most resonant with the human body, and Yamamoto Corporation has realized the integral molding of the fiber with biorubber by developing "Super Hemp Linen" to realize the world’s first hemp linen with elasticity.

In Japan’s long history, the use of "hemp linen" has its own unique culture. As the hemp linen is made from plants and is good for health, it is expected to be in the limelight again.

Under the concept "be kinder to your body," the highest level biorubber, Biorubber Premium, has been created.

*This new material is custom-made; an application must be submitted to purchase this biorubber product and as it is completely custom made, please allow about 50 days for delivery.

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