News:Press Conference: Tests Confirm Biorubber Effectiveness
December 22, 2014

On December 22, 2014, Yamamoto Corporation held a press conference at the Osaka Sangyo Sozokan (Honmachi, Osaka City) regarding the results of experimental research to confirm the effectiveness of Biorubber.

In line with the R&D conducted by Yamamoto Corporation for more than ten years regarding the possibility of preventative care using Biorubber, improvement in the internal environment of the human body was confirmed in the latest genetic testing (genomic testing) with human trials in which research participants used Yamamoto Corporation’s Biorubber for 21 days.

Ten years of R&D data can now be verified by genetic testing, which was previously impossible. Going forward, Yamamoto Corporation will cooperate with medical professionals in genetic analysis to actively seek ways to use Biorubber for diseases previously believed to be incurable, while continuing the present genetic testing.

Yamamoto Corporation hopes to see Biorubber used widely as a wearable health product.

Based on genetic testing of blood samples, in which the internal environment of the human body can easily be measured using mRNA (messenger RNA) indicators, it is believed that use of Biorubber can serve as an early-stage preventative measure before the onset of disease and lead instead to improved health.

Yamamoto Corporation will continue genetic testing of blood samples and wearable Biorubber trials in the mid- to long-term in efforts to help people stay healthy.

In addition, it is hoped that Biorubber can play a role in reducing medical costs by helping prevent disease.

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