News:Genomic Testing Confirms Biorubber Use Activates Longevity Genes
November 25, 2014

On November 25, Yamamoto Corporation announced that Biorubber has been found to significantly improve the activation level of longevity genes (Sirtuin or Sirt1) at a press conference held at the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Osaka City. Brief details of the announcement are as follows.

It has been discovered that Biorubber, developed by Yamamoto Corporation, significantly improves the activation level of longevity genes in a short period of time. This was found by genomic testing conducted by (Kazuhiko Atsumi Future Health and Medicine Foundation), established by Dr. Kazuhiko Atsumi, Professor Emeritus at the University of Tokyo, and other research institutions.

These longevity genes are believed to strengthen cells by protecting telomeres – disposable buffers at the ends of chromosomes which are truncated during cell division. If the telomere ends become too short, the cell can no longer replicate and eventually dies.

In this genomic testing conducted on mRNA (Messenger RNA), the activation level of longevity genes was measured using blood samples and the activation of longevity genes was confirmed in approximately 80% of the research participants that had worn Biorubber for 21 days.

Among other methods, diet restriction, exercising, sleeping and consumption of resveratrol have been regarded as effective for activating longevity genes. However, since all of these "take at least three to six months before effects can be noticed" and some include "patient diet restriction," "continued exercise," "overcoming the lack of sleep in everyday life" and the "substantial economic burden of continuing to take supplements, along with their possible side effects," it is not easy to accomplish without significant patience and financial resources.

In the case of products made with Biorubber, however, this is made sufficiently easy as "it takes only 21 days to significantly activate the longevity genes" and "does not require any restrictions or patience whatsoever since all one has to do is wear it."

Going forward, Yamamoto Corporation would like to find uses for Biorubber that "improve health and life-span" and "provide assured support for health and beauty" by cooperating with medical institutions, where healthcare professionals will conduct further genomic diagnostics using blood samples.

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