News:Japanese National Women's Freediving Team Claims Fourth Consecutive Podium Finish at World Championships Using Yamamoto Wetsuits!
September 29, 2014

At the freediving Aida Team World Championship 2014 held in Sardinia, Italy from September 17 to September 26, 2014, the Japanese women's team (also known as “Mermaid Japan”) placed second overall after a tally of three disciplines (members: Misuzu Okamoto, Hanako Hirose and Tomoka Fukuda). 

This was their fourth consecutive podium finish following victories in the past two world championships (Bronze medal 10 2008 and gold medal in 2010 and 2012).

Yamamoto Corporation was already providing the wetsuit materials for the Japanese national team, but from this event began to also provide swimwear for pool disciplines (until now, each competitor wore their own swimsuit).

All of the Japanese national team members who wore our swimsuits attained white cards (indicating a good, clean dive with no deductions). Another page has been added to Yamamoto Corporation's history. 

Megumi Matsumoto, who was the team's coach, was also presented with a silver medal at the medal ceremony that marked the end of the 10 day-event filled with very emotional moments.

The Japanese men's team started fresh with new members, but finished in 10th place overall.

The winners of both the men's and women's events were the Russian teams, who also wore wetsuits made using Yamamoto Corporation materials and demonstrated unrivaled performances. 

Full results of the competition can be found on the official event website:

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