Product recommended by The Society for Integrative Medicine Japan BIORUBBER
The Biorubber series was the first product to receive medical equipment certification from The Society for Integrative Medicine Japan, which aims to provide each patient with “custom-made medical care” most suited to him or her. Following are Biorubber products; the sticker shown above on the upper right indicates these are recommended products and manufactured under strict quality control. Each product has also been given an identification number.

BIORUBBER RSM Product Lineup  Please contact via our Contact us page of our Japanese website regarding purchasing and details of our products.

Try our new product “BIORUBBER AERODOME PETIT VEST”! Easy to put on when you feel a little chilly. The vest’s sleek design allows you to wear it underneath a suit jacket without showing. It comes in handy all year round: During winter it can be worn as an undergarment, while in summer it can be worn as a vest in an air-conditioned room. It folds up compactly and even when carried will not take up much space.

Experience a warmth that is just right due to the energy generated by the heated floor and infrared energy converted by Biorubber!
From floor to ceiling, the room is toasty due to conductive heat and warmth radiating from the heated floor.
Biorubber warmed up by conductive heat emits more infrared rays, and in turn makes your body feel warmer.

Biorubber NECK GUARD
Experience comfort and warmth by preventing cold air from blowing around the neck by harnessing the infrared rays of Biorubber.
  • Compact enough to wear under the Biorubber vest.
  • Can be worn underneath everyday clothes!
  • Easy to wear, just pull over the head and zip up.
  • Different look when the collar is turned up or folded down

Biorubber AERODOME VEST Zero
  • Made with material cut three-dimensionally to create a slim body line.
  • Newly introduced women's vest features better fitted design, suited to women's body shape
  • Two-way zipper enables superior functionality even when seated.
  • Biorubber Zero Position Band attached inside gently supports the body.
  • Biorubber Zero Position Band can be removed if necessary.
  • Zero Position Band is made of Biorubber material.

Biorubber AERODOME BELT Zero
  • Three-dimensionally cut material ensures a good fit around the waist and hips
  • You can fix the alignment of your pelvis by wearing the Zero Position Band.
  • Zero Position Band can be removed if necessary.
  • Zero Position Band is not made of Biorubber material.

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