News: Completion Report on Sea Turtle Prosthetic Jacket
April 9, 2014

On April 5, a briefing was held at Kobe’s Suma Aqualife Park to give a completion report on the prosthetic flipper project for sea turtle Yu-chan. Many media and fans were present to also watch Yu-chan swim wearing the prosthetic flipper jacket.

The prosthetic flipper project was launched five years ago, with Yamamoto Corporation joining from May 2013. The project was completed through multiple improvements.

Please visit Suma Aqualife Park as Yu-chan can currently be seen swimming gracefully with the prosthetic flippers.

Although this was reported as the completion of the project, future modifications will be made to the current model in line with Yu-chan’s growth.

This report was picked up by television, radio and other media that plan to continue to broadcast her progress going forward.

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