New Product Release:New Radiation Shielding Product Developed
January 14, 2014

Yamamoto Corporation jointly held a press conference with Sanshin Metal Working Co., Ltd. concerning “High Efficiency Radiation Shielding Screen” at MyDome Osaka.

The collaboration this time succeeded in developing an unprecedented mobile radiation shielding screen by assembling the strengths of respective special technologies of Sanshin Metal Working, which holds its main factory in Fukushima, and Yamamoto Corporation, which has credible performance in radiation shield wear at the nuclear power plant in Fukushima. The developed product is classified broadly into two categories.

RSM-HARDY E600 Partition
It is a mobile special screen designed to protect the bodies of people who work near the site of the nuclear power plant accident from extremely high radiation.

Currently, the working time of the workers is extremely short due to the amount of radiation being extremely high in the vicinity of the nuclear power plant storage structure. As a result, the radiation shielding effect the radiation shield wear offers is insufficient at the moment. In particular, it is almost impossible to shield gamma ray radiation completely, and as a result, the repair construction is taking a tremendous amount of time. We moved forward with development with the thinking that a new proposition is necessary at this moment for the construction to progress even faster and safer, for the future of Japan, for the future of the people of Japan and for the Tokyo Olympics 6 years from now.

We made full use of Sanshin Metal Working’s lightweight and sturdy metal working technology. This resulted in a structure that can support a total weight of the radiation shielding material of approximately 2 tons.

On the other hand, making Yamamoto Corporation’s high efficiency Radiation Shielding Material E-600 into a 10-layer structure (thickness only at approximately 7cm) made it capable of shielding approximately 85% or more of gamma rays. The product comprises of 10 levels of racks by manufacturing this to fit into a specialized rack and inserting them in the racks.

[Product Details]
Product name: RSM HARDY E-600 Partition
Size: Approximately 2.5m wide x Approximately 2.5m high
Total weight: Approximately 3 tons
  • Capable of attaching attachments such as different sized wheels and forklifts, etc. depending on the road conditions.
  • The main body and shielding materials all use materials that prevent radiation materials from adhering. The product can be used safely over long-term as it can be cleaned easily with water.
  • In principle, the product is built to order, and its largeness and height can be chosen freely.
  • Delivery date is 2 to 4 months after order

RSM HARDY E-400 Partition
Decontamination work has been conducted for the past two years and 10 months in various areas in Fukushima prefecture. As a result, a large amount of soil contaminated with radiation materials emerged, and the situation continues where not a single interim storage facility to store such soil exists yet.

Currently, such soil contaminated with radiation materials are piled up on school routes and roads approaching shrines and temples. You will obviously suffer radiation exposure if you walk close by the soil contaminated with radiation materials. Needless to say, the level of radiation amount differs completely from the nuclear power storage plant vicinity, but companies and administrations handling such are responsible for preventing as much radiation exposure as they can as a social duty. However, there weren’t any specific measures to easily prevent radiation exposure from soil contaminated with radiation materials.

This time, Sanshin Metal Working and Yamamoto Corporation jointly developed a screen that prevents radiation exposure from such soil contaminated with radiation materials. This screen is a panel that fully uses Sanshin Metal Working’s panel processing technology and encloses Yamamoto Corporation’s radiation shielding material in the middle. The screen can prevent radiation exposure by a certain amount by positioning the screens in the direction from which people will approach.

In addition, in such as homes in places where radiation amount is notably high, such as hills behind homes, the screen is capable of significantly reducing radiation amount inside the house by just positioning the screens on the outer walls of the home. This product can be used for multiple purposes.

The radiation shielding effect of Radiation Shielding Material E-400 is 92.2% cut for x-rays, 4.4% cut for gamma rays and up to approximately 50% cut for mixed rays within nuclear power plant site.

[Product Details]
Product name: RSM HARDY E-400 Partition
Size: 2m or more wide x 2m high
Total weight: Approximately 300kg or more
  • Capable of size change as they can be built to order depending on use.
  • Material that can rinse off radiation contamination easily used on all surfaces.

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