New Product Release: 2014 FINA Approved New Model Swimwear
September 19, 2013

Yamamoto Corporation, the material innovator, announced on September 8 a line up of new materials and high performance products that allow athletes of the future to enhance their performance.

Ever since the Beijing 2008 Olympics, Yamamoto Corporation believed that "Our role is to develop super-highly functional materials and high performance products." The technological innovations are explained in detail below.

Developed 2014 FINA approved high-speed swimwear
  • "Takoyaki Rubber Swimwear," which came into the limelight at the Beijing 2008 Olympics, was prohibited from use due to rule revisions. After that, Yamamoto Corporation devoted itself to develop a textile material that has both "hydrophilic" and "water-repellent" functions – the same functions seen in the Takoyaki Rubber Swimwear.
  • Developed the world's only "Dual Function Textile Material." It has "hydrophilic" function on the outer surface of the 0.3mm thick textile, where there is nearly "zero" water resistance. It has a "water-repellent" function on the inside of the swimwear where the swimwear and the skin come into contact, which prevents the swimwear from absorbing water.
  • Obtained approval from FINA as competitive swimwear under the Japanese brand "MERLIN" on September 9. In addition to this brand, five other companies have already acquired approval from FINA under the "Matuse" brand.

Developed practice swimwear "Zero Position 2" for faster swimming
  • With two years of practical performance results, practice swimwear Zero Position that allows the body to float on water in an ideal position evolved even further. The conventional product directed the body into a zero position that unified the "gravity point" and the "floatation point" of the body in order to maintain an ideal position in the water.
  • The improved “Zero Position 2" naturally improves the right-and-left pelvic distortion commonly seen in athletes while they swim. The product allows the body to "maintain a position where the feet do not sink and where there is little water resistance" and to "swim efficiently and evenly by resolving the right-and left-pelvic distortion" by improving the gravity point and the floatation point. In cooperation with Japan's national free diving athletes, it has been shown to improve underwater kicking distance by 23% to 25%.

New material "Aerodome" for triathlon wetsuits
  • Yamamoto Corporation acquired a patent for Aerodome after eight years. Conventional wetsuit materials are typically made from a single-layer structure when only using rubber materials. Yamamoto Corporation significantly improved the buoyancy required to make swimming faster by employing a three- to five-layer structure for this material. Aerodome can realize a speed unseen before.
  • The material's buoyancy comes from placing cylinder formed holes with diameters of 2mm to 6mm in independent closed cell structure rubber that does not absorb water, traps air inside the holes and hybridizes the rubber materials.

Developed "Zero Position Belt" and "Zero Position Wear" that corrects athlete's body-balance
  • Right-and-left pelvic distortion in athletes prevents the body from creating a body axis and is a major factor of why athletes are often unable to perform consistently. "Zero Position Wear" and "Zero Position Belt" immediately resolve this issue.
  • Lay down facing up and strain your legs. Turn your feet sideway outward, and confirm the angle of turn by measuring the angle at the bottom of your feet, for both feet. Pull the waistband of the Zero Position Belt by approximately 2cm to 3cm on the side of the pelvis with the wider angle. After putting on the product, you just need to continue your everyday routines.
  • The muscles will remember the proper position.

Developed highly functional support that prevents accumulation of lactic acids (fatiguing substance) in muscles
  • The lower limbs are an area where lactic acids, a fatiguing substance, are likely to accumulate. Lactic acids accumulate in the white muscles, muscles responsible for instantaneous power, and make the body feel painful and heavy. The body produces energy through conversion of the lactic acids into glycol (sugar) by transferring the lactic acids to the red muscles, muscles with durability.
  • In order to transfer the lactic acids to the red muscles quickly, it is important to improve the blood flow in the fatigued and hardened muscles. The supporter improves this by using an infrared ray emitting material that warms the muscles to soften them with the infrared rays, while at the same time applying compression by wearing the supporter.

High performance mat that warms up and cools down the body in less than half the time
  • Warming up means to warm up the muscles, and cool down means to relax the heated muscles. This is a high performance mat that has an astounding infrared emitting rate of 80% using no electricity for use before and after workouts, which are important points in sports.
  • The user can relax the muscles in an extremely short amount of time by doing warming-up exercises such as stretching on the mat.
The new products and new materials above can be seen in the showrooms of Harajuku in Tokyo, Azamino in Yokohama and Shinsaibashi in Osaka.

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