New Product Release: Zero Position Professional
June 8, 2012

On June 8, Yamamoto Corporation, the material innovator, held a press conference at Hotel Nikko Osaka in Osaka Prefecture with Professor Wakayoshi of Biwako Seikei Sport College (Los Angeles Olympics water polo competitor) to announce the release of Zero Position Professional, the second lineup of Zero Position Swimwear.

The superiority of Zero Position Swimwear which we have been selling until now has been recognized in the market for the past two years, and while it continues to improve on its track record of being used in major sports clubs, further research and development was conducted with the purpose of “creating circumstances in which top Japanese competitors can compete in the Olympics and other sporting events with a greater advantage” and based on test data during that time, Zero Position Professional was realized.

Zero Position Professional is a newly developed swimsuit created for use in training by competitive swimmers, and it is the ultimate performance enhancing tool that improves the design to match the body balance and swimming skills of competitive swimmers while utilizing three-dimensional sewing that fits to individual bodylines. Through this product, the methods used until now in the practice of competitive swimming will change and will enable swimmers to be aware of body balance and retain a sense of swimming faster.

Some results have shown that by wearing it, “times can be shortened by 0.8 seconds over 50 meters.”

[How can one swim faster in actual competitions by wearing this swimsuit in practice?]
In order to set a new world record…it is necessary to experience speed (cognitive neuroscience).
  1. Balances the body at the zero position – the position that lies between the gravity point and flotation point of the body
  2. By adding buoyancy of about 300ml, the sinking of the lower limbs is prevented and swimming in an ideal position is enabled
  3. Zero Position Professional has a water resistance of 0.021cdf (about 1.8cdf for ordinary swimwear)
  4. The three dimensional draping supports muscles three-dimensionally

[Product Price]
Zero Position Professional 15,750 yen (including tax)

[Product Price]
Sports clubs, swimming schools, sports shops, internet, etc.

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