New Product Release: Biorubber RSM WP-16
June 7, 2011

Yamamoto Corporation, the material innovator, announced the development of radiation shield material, “Biorubber RSM WP-16” at a press conference on June 6. There has been much reporting on radiation shielding wear for workers at nuclear power plants, and it was found that radiation shielding wear blocks X-rays but only blocked about 30% of the stronger gamma rays. The common perception is that it is difficult to develop practical wear to act as a shield against gamma rays.

The new material by Yamamoto is a strong shield against Caesium 137 and blocks 21% of gamma rays emitted by the Caesium. Additionally, stacking the material has been found to shield people from more than 90% of the gamma rays.

The material is also flexible and lighter than lead plates and easier to use. This means that it is easy to deliver, install and transfer this material. This new material can be adapted to places and uneven surfaces where it was impossible to install lead plates.

For example, where fuel rods and contaminated water are emitting very strong radiation from the basement floor to the first floor, the radiation prevents people from being able enter the building. However, the placement of the new material “Biorubber RSM WP-16” in multiple layers on the floor can reduce the radiation level and block more than 90% of the radiation from the basement.

Sheets of this material can also be used as a simple wall to protect workers from radiation at nuclear power plants. The material can also be wrapped around contaminated pipes and be used in various environments.

[Product Specifications]
  • 1 sheet is about 100cm x 120cm and costs 300,000 ~ 400,000 yen (suggested price)
  • Radioactive substances that affix to the surface of the material during work can be rinsed off with water and such.
  • The shielding level for gamma rays emitted by Caesium 137 was also measured.
    A gamma ray shielding effect of about 15.3% was confirmed for 9.1mm thick WP-14 used for shielding wear and a figure of about 21.0% was confirmed for the 7.5mm thick WP-16 used for shielding sheets.
Date: June 2, 2011 Test Machine: SURVEY METER TCS-161 (Aloka)
137Cs-Meter interval: 55mm
Material Thick (mm) Shielding Ratio (%)
WP-13 9.6 10.0
WP-14 9.1 15.3
WP-15 8.6 15.9
WP-16 7.5 21.0
Measured the shielding versus radiation from Caesium 137

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