New Product Release: Ultralight Biorubber RSM "Radiation Shield"
May 11, 2011

Yamamoto Corporation, the material innovator, announced the release of Ultralight Biorubber RSM "Radiation Shield", a special wear that blocks radiation waves, at a press conference held at the Shoko Hall in Osaka Prefecture on May 10, 2011.

With the prolonging of the nuclear power plant incidents and from the perspective of ensuring the safety of workers, it is essential that the function of significantly reducing the exposure to radiation be added to radiation protection suits that, up to now, primarily serve to prevent the body from coming into direct contact with radioactive materials.

The issues with radiation protection suits to date have been the heaviness and clumsiness due to the lead content, the poor body fit and the fact that radiation could enter through the stitching.

Thus, there was the need to replace workers once they were exposed to an established level of radiation.

The Ultralight Biorubber RSM "Radiation Shield" was developed to address such a situation.

This product can reduce the negative effects on the body due to radiation and this allows workers to extend the hours they can work on site and thus increases the total number of hours that can be worked on site. This potentially can significantly ease the level of anxiety and concern regarding radiation by workers and their families, as well as lead to cost and time reductions.

[Product Details]
  • Radiation Shield uses original patented technology which equally distributes closed-cell synthetic rubber and heavy radiation-blocking metal.
  • Lightness is achieved by weakening the propulsion of radiation by diffusively reflecting the radiation, which are linear rays, using the honeycomb structure, and thus minimizing the amount of radiation shielding metal.
  • Excellent flexibility and elasticity.
  • Consists of three parts; the upper body wear in the shape of a vest, the lower body wear in the shape of pants and the neck guard for the thyroid area. The wear protects important body parts from radiation rays from all directions.
  • Radiation Shield uses a processing technology that integrates the material with glue during the sewing process, completely preventing radiation from penetrating through the glued seams.
[Product Supply]
  • We will respond to necessary standards, usage and shapes requested by the national government, local governments, Self-Defense Forces, electric power companies, etc.
  • Yamamoto Corporation is preparing an even lighter type for individual users that can be worn for long periods of time in places with relatively low radiation levels (the shielding ability will be slightly less)
[How to Use]
Put on the Ultralight Biorubber RSM "Radiation Shield" over innerwear, then put on a radiation protection suit (disposable type)
This product can be used repeatedly (long-term repeatable use)

Ultralight Biorubber RSM "Radiation Shield"
Approximately 150,000 – 300,000 yen

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