New Product Release: Biorubber Safe
May 10, 2011
Yamamoto Releases a New Safety Hybrid Wear!

On October 28, 2011, Yamamoto Corporation, the material innovator, held a press conference for Biorubber Safe Safety Hybrid Wear at the Osaka Chamber of Commerce.

Yamamoto Corporation created this profoundly unique multi-functional disaster and evacuation wear by applying the manufacturing technologies it has accumulated overseas over time. These include US UL certified material for ocean survival suits (UL94 registration umber MQ604 and the simple life-saving device – the personal flotation device - which it has a long history shipping.

Biorubber Safe was born out of a wish to protect as many people as possible from the large earthquakes anticipated in urban centers in the future, the tsunami waves that may accommodate such tsunamis and of course flash flooding and such that have occurred in many areas recently. The wear provides both security and comfort with its lightweight and good fit and contains functions that cause it to float in a water disaster, protect the body from cold, protect people from strong impacts and both save and provide personal confirmation information.

Product Features
  • Placing the product on your head when moving through buildings and evacuating during earthquakes will protect your head from falling objects (head protection)
  • It helps people secure safe breathing by acting as a flotation device during flash floods (secures breathing through application of a large floating function).
  • It protects the body from cold at evacuation sites (protects users from cold through a function that enables it to maintain body temperature well).
  • It has a QR code tag on to which your name, blood type, address, phone number and emergency contact are entered. This enables rescue and or healthcare staff with portable QR code readers, among others, to quickly read necessary information, and is a tremendous help to emergency healthcare.
Yamamoto Corporation is also considering adding a GPS function in the near future to assist in early detection of persons during emergencies.

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