New Product Release: Zero Position Swimwear Z-Po 05
April 11, 2011
Shorten Your Time by a Few Seconds with Zero Position Swimwear

On April 8, 2011, Yamamoto Corporation, the material innovator, held a press conference at the Osaka Rhiga Royal Hotel with Professor Koji Wakayoshi of Biwako Seikei Sports University to announce the release of Zero Position Swimwear Z-Po 05, a product from the Biorubber swimwear line.

The Zero Position Swimwear Z-Po 05 is swimwear for the serious active swimmer. It is used in practice to help ensure recording strong times at competitions. The swimwear will undergo a market wide release on April 20, 2011. The product targets competitive swimmers and active adult swimmers. It is an essential tool for swimmers who have been seeking to lower their times by several seconds.

Globally there has been a relentless pursuit of “speed” through upgrades to competitive swimwear since the Beijing Olympics. Unfortunately, competitive swimming authorities have repeatedly changed the rules regarding competitive swimwear and forced swimmers to change their swimwear repeatedly. It was this situation that caused us to change our focus from competitive swimwear to an area of swimwear that could be used without fear of rule changes and where drastic “speed” improvements could be made, the world of special practice swimwear – Zero Position Swimwear.

Since announcing the concept of Zero Position Swimwear last November, we have collected scientific data, made repeated improvements and ultimately completed this product. Ordinarily, when swimming the best floating position to assume when swimming in a well-balanced manner is to balance your body at the zero position – the position that lies between the gravity point and flotation point of the body. It was difficult to realize this because this balance is hard to achieve. However, this swimwear enables the zero position to be realized just by slipping it on over other swimwear.

As a result, times can be shortened by between 0.5 and 0.8 seconds over 50 meters and thus in a 200 meter race, times can be shortened by as much as 2 - 3.2 seconds.

The swimwear is also easy to use. Set the distance you plan to swim in practice that day, and slip on the Zero Position Swimwear Z-Po 5 over your swimwear. Swim the first half of the target distance and then remove the Zero Position Swimwear Z-Po 5 and swim the second half wearing only your ordinary swimwear. Do this for one to two months and the speed of your swimming will dramatically improve.

The metal specifications of the super composite skin (SCS), a patented product of Yamamoto Corporation, have been used on the swimwear surface and this has realized water resistance of only 0.021cdf, far lower than the 1.8cdf of ordinary swimwear. The use of the metal specifications also realize a body warmth maintenance ability that can help prevent cooling of your body when swimming over long distances.

Product Prices
Zero Position Swimwear 23,100 yen (including tax)
Zero Position Arm Gear 8,400 yen (including tax)

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