New Product Release: Biorubber G Type II
February 15, 2011
Warm Yourself with Light Energy

Yamamoto Corporation, the material innovator, released Biorubber G Type II on March 1, 2011. This waist support pad warms your waist to alleviate pain without any actual physical heating process and without any electrical sources or circuits. The support pad warms your body without direct contact and is worn over other clothing such as an undershirt. Since it involves no actual heating process, the Type II can be worn in all four seasons whenever and wherever and for extended periods without fear of burns or electrocution.

Biorubber G Type II uses a synthetic rubber formed primarily from limestone with a proprietary structure that has been combined with special metallic ores using the bio-mixing process, a process which evenly spreads out elements that clearly have different specific gravities.

Biorubber G Type II is formed of two items with aerodrome structures slid into two pockets on a belt. The use method is easy. All you do is “wear” the Biorubber G Type II by clipping the belt with the two pockets at the front and back of your body. Yamamoto Corporation had members of the media that were in attendance try on and feel the difference.

The suggested retail price is 73,500 yen (including tax) with a special price of 63,000 yen (including tax) for the first 1,000 sets. The product is projected to last for fifteen years and doesn’t break down or fall apart as it has no circuitry. This also means it places no eco-burden on the environment.

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