Bio-II Tatami and Ti-II-W Tatami – Unique, neo-modern adaptations of Japan’s venerable tatami that feature superior heat retention and cushioning properties

Tatami – A defining element in Japanese aesthetics and interior comfort

Originally a luxury style of flooring on which wealthy Japanese feudal classes would entertain distinguished guests, tatami mats consist of a core of rice straw or plywood surrounded by woven light rush grass. The mats are arranged to cover small areas or entire rooms. Tatami became commonplace in Japanese homes, restaurants and other public spaces in the 17th century, but their use has been on the wane recently as Japanese increasingly reside in modern, Western-style condominiums with wood flooring. Nevertheless, tatami evoke a nostalgic sense of days gone by and are still cherished for their original purpose of entertaining guests or as an aesthetically pleasing space for relaxation and meditation. This yearning has led to a revival that is unmet as tatami mat artisans have drastically shrunken in number.

Tatami are cooler than wood flooring or carpets in summer months due to their breathability, warmer in winter months due to their heat-retention properties, and more aesthetically pleasing than Western flooring due to their distinctive and refined appearance. Yet, tatami are notorious for being difficult to clean, often attracting mites and other small pests during the humid summer months if they are not kept pristine. They can also slide under one’s feet due to the instability of those made with a plywood core, creating a risk of injuries from falling, particularly for seniors and children.

Yamamoto, in a partnership with renowned tatami maker TTN Corporation, has developed an ideal solution to these problems through a line of new one-of-a-kind products that retain the luxurious charm of traditional tatami yet improves their beneficial properties – the Bio-II Tatami interwoven with Yamamoto’s next-generation composite rubber material Bio Rubber and the Ti-II-W Tatami, interwoven with titanium alloy.

Bio-II Tatami and Ti-II W Tatami – The refined elegance of Japanese tatami, with added warmth, flexibility, durability and safety

What sets the Bio-II Tatami and Ti-II W Tatami apart from traditional tatami?
  Five- and eight-layer structures provide enhanced support and safety

The Bio-II Tatami provides firmer support and greater safety through a high-quality resin surface and an underlying layer of Yamamoto’s high-function Bio Rubber that sit atop a special medium-density fiber board, leveling layer, and anti-sliding mat to prevent mat slippage on the floor surface. The Ti-II W Tatami offers the same support and safety through an eight-layer structure that includes a high-quality resin surface and an underlying layer of highly functional honeycomb-structure rubber sandwiched between two layers of Yamamoto’s patented processed Titanium Alpha titanium alloy, which all sit atop a fortifying fiber layer, special medium-density fiber board, leveling layer, and anti-sliding mat.

  Superior heat retention

The outstanding heat-retention properties of Yamamoto’s proprietary Bio Rubber material contained in the Bio-II Tatami and the Titanium Alpha and highly functional rubber materials contained in the Ti-II W Tatami shut out the cold emanating from the underlying floor, enhancing comfort in the winter and heightening the energy efficiency of room interiors.

  Springy texture and quality construction enhances comfort and beauty

The gentle yet springy textures of Bio-II Tatami and Ti-II W Tatami are comfortable and extremely pleasing to the touch, with the same luxurious appearance as traditional tatami made from rush grass. What’s more, their soundproofing effects enhance the comfort of rooms in multi-story buildings by shutting out unwanted noise from below.

  High-quality resin surface provides the feel of traditional tatami, with improved safety and durability

The high-quality resin used for the tatami surface of both products enhances their durability, while also enabling more secure footing to prevent injuries from falling when suddenly turning.

  Easy to clean surface and improved hygienic properties

The resin surface makes sweeping a breeze. Even if the tatami gets wet or dirty – a huge hassle with traditional tatami – simply wipe with a wet cloth and it’s clean! What’s more, due to its synthetic materials, there are no mite outbreaks to contend with during the hot and humid summer months.

  Portable, easy to assemble and versatile

The Bio-II Tatami and Ti-II W Tatami also come in an industry-first 45 cm by 45 cm size and in various attractive and tasteful color combinations, enabling unprecedented freedom in the design and arrangement of tatami spaces for various uses, even in tight indoor areas or even outdoors.

For example…
  • Create a refined indoor space that combines traditional Japanese aesthetics with a chic modern sensibility for entertaining guests or as a place of respite.
  • Take advantage of its high safety and durability to use it as soft yet supportive flooring for children’s play areas and senior care facilities.
  • Use it to enhance comfort and improve footing in outdoor areas such as tents, or the floors of cars and vans.

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