Yamamoto's revolutionary Bio Rubber emits health enhancing far-infrared and bio waves

Bio Rubber, the nucleus of Yamamoto's products, is an oil-free, composite rubber material principally made from a very pure limestone found on Mt. Kurohime in Japan's Niigata Prefecture. Over 99.7% of the limestone is mineral calcium carbonate – a key component in rubber. Through Yamamoto's unique manufacturing process, this mineral is interwoven with fortifying gold, platinum and other metals, and carbon to make Bio Rubber – a revolutionary material of high quality that is being applied to sports, lifestyle, medical care and other fields.

How does it work?
The sun’s rays emit a spectrum of electromagnetic radiation which, depending on the wavelength and extent of exposure, has both harmful and beneficial effects on human health. Believed to be among the most beneficial of these wavelengths are far-infrared waves with wavelengths of between four and 25 infrared microns – the same wavelength range as the bio waves emanated from the human body. Bio Rubber is composed of micron-sized bubbles, constructed through a proprietary advanced manufacturing technology developed by Yamamoto, that capture both the far-infrared wavelengths emanated from the sun and the bio waves emanated from the body. As these waves and others collide within the walls of the bubbles and repeatedly diffuse and concentrate, the blend of precious metal powders contained in the Bio Rubber filters out the harmful waves and emits only the health-enhancing far-infrared rays and bio waves, thereby amplifying their beneficial effects.

While electricity also emits far-infrared rays, Bio Rubber emits these rays without the use of electricity – so it can be used wherever, whenever. With no intricate circuitry or electricity, Bio Rubber is durable and can deliver the benefits of these far-infrared rays for more than ten years. Moreover, the micron-sized bubbles that combine to form a honeycomb structure provide peerless flexibility, breathability and comfort, creating a highly functional rubber material for use in diverse product applications.




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