From the President
To All Our Stakeholders,

president We at Yamamoto Corporation take great pride in our commitment to developing innovative ideas through pioneering technologies and applying these ideas to marketable and profitable products that deliver real benefits to society. Our core lineup of innovative, high-performance, rubber-based materials have applications in professional sports, health and wellness, aerospace and apparel and a plethora of other fields. We are committed to utilizing these products to further our mission to make the lives of our customers easier, healthier, safer and more comfortable.

From early innovations such as our patented synthetic button and pencil with attached eraser to more recent developments like our S.C.S. (Super Composite Skin), Titanium Alpha and Bio Rubber composite materials that have changed the face of professional swimming and diving, Yamamoto is charging full speed into the future, backed by our ability – cultivated and honed over a history of more than 300 years – to perceive unmet needs in the market and develop unique technologies that provide highly effective solutions to meet these needs.

Despite the challenging market and economic climate at present, Yamamoto continues to perform well, posting 7.8 billion yen in sales and 1.3 billion yen in profits in the fiscal year ended February 2010. We are poised for further growth through a rich R&D pipeline of product applications that continue to generate success for our company.

Our strategic partnership with leading swimsuit manufacturer Matsuse has facilitated the development of the Matsuse-TX swimsuit, a cutting-edge, high-speed swimsuit that is helping to propel the world’s elite swimmers to new world records. This year we have also brought a unique new concept in business suits to market through our Hybrid Active Suit, which combines the high-function rubber material of Yamamoto with the formal apparel expertise of tailor chain F-ONE and apparel manufacturer Goodhill. Our partnership with tatami manufacturer TNT Corporation has also resulted in a lineup of rubber-based tatami that is safer, cleaner and more eco-friendly than traditional tatami. Promising research is also emerging on the health benefits of our revolutionary Bio Rubber material, which should give rise to further product applications and recognition in the market.

We remain committed to continuously improving our ability to serve the needs of our existing and new customers – whether it’s insulating aircraft and spacecraft, helping elite swimmers and divers set new world records, devising unique solutions in apparel and home appliances that enhance the comfort and safety of everyday living, or even helping to revitalize core body functions. The future is an exciting one for Yamamoto Corporation and our customers.


Tomizo Yamamoto
President and CEO
Yamamoto Corporation

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