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Quality Management in the Process

YAMAMOTO material is made in ISO13485 certified factories in Japan. The process of making rubber is similar to the one of making bread. Let’s explore how YAMAMOTO is made.

Mix dough
Mix Limestone CR with a big mixing machine. Rubber viscosity and dispersion are checked.
Let it rest overnight...
Let it rest overnight to stabilize the properties.
Mix carbon black
Mix the dough with carbon black and other ingredients for better strength and durability.
Let it rest overnight...
Let it rest one more night to stabilize the properties.
Mix edible oil
Make it soft and flexible with food-grade “Tempura” oil for sustainability and safety.
Purify the dough
Remove any impurities from the dough for better quality.
Shape it
Shape the dough into sheets. Inspect every sheet in size, thickness, and weight.
Bake sheets
Bake the sheets with heat and pressure to make tiny bubbles evenly.
Trim edges
Remove edges quickly and beautifully.
Bake sheets again
Bake the sheets again to finish flexible, warm, and durable YAMAMOTO material.
Slice sheets
Slice the sheets into any thickness according to customers’ requests. An experienced staff checks the thickness.
Inspect sheets
Inspect the sheets carefully before shipping.
Ship sheets
YAMAMOTO rubber sheets are shipped to customers around the world to become your second skin.